Adhesive Photo Poster

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from 9.95 from per-item
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from 9.95 from per-item
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Product information
  • Size: from 20x30 to 75x100 cm
  • Matt 170 g/m² paper
  • Velvety, deep-matt image effect
  • Sticks to almost all surfaces
  • 8-colour inkjet printing
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As individual as you:

Decorations for children

Decorations for children
Sports club, TV series, pets – this self-adhesive poster can be attached and swapped as often as your children find new interests.

Adhesive poster can be attached to most surfaces

Today the kitchen, tomorrow the living roomThis self-adhesive poster can be easily attached to most everyday surfaces – and then removed to be displayed elsewhere. Wall decorations have never been so versatile!

Prefect presentation

Perfect presentation
Have you ever considered using a poster in school presentations, or using a poster to display quarterly figures at the office? Not a problem with this self-adhesive poster – time to make a lasting impression!

About the product:



Some walls can’t handle nails or heavy pictures. These posters let you hang your favourite images wherever you want.

Varied and creative

Varied and creative

This self-adhesive poster is suitable for almost all surfaces and images. The only limit is your imagination!



This poster is just as simple to remove as it is to attach. There’s nothing more practical.

Here you will find an overview of the different sizes:

Format 1:1
Sizes 1:1
Format 1:3 / 2:5
Sizes 1:3 and 2:5
Format 2:1
Sizes 2:1
Format 2:3
Sizes 2:3
Format 3:4
Sizes 3:4
Format 5:7
Sizes 5:7