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    Photo greeting cards Photo greeting cards

    Personalized greeting cards of your own photos Personalized greeting cards of your own photos

    Photo greeting cards

    Design your personalized greeting cards of your own photos online now!

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    FAQ Photo Greeting Cards

    Can I design a photo greeting card with multiple photos?

    There is a diverse variety of templates available to you for designing your greeting cards. The number of photos per card is unlimited; however, we recommend that you limit yourself to no more than 6 photos per card in order to preserve the detail of your photos and prevent your cards from appearing too chaotic. Whether simple or with frames, text, graphics, or tiny garnishes, there’s lots to choose from for your photo greeting cards.

    Are there special designs and templates for special occasions?

    When you’ve chosen a format and type of greeting card, click “Select design.” Subsequently you’ll see a list of the available layouts for your card. You can filter these by theme by clicking “Occasion.” Thereafter you’ll see suitable designs for Christmas, Easter, Weddings, Baby, and lots more. Click on the desired design and start creating with the button, “Design now.”

    In which formats can my greeting cards be ordered?

    The simple greeting card, single greeting card, and the post card panorama are offered in a 20x10 cm standard format. The folded classic greeting cards are somewhat smaller at 16.5x12 cm. If you want a more unusual greeting card, you can select a square card (14.5x14.5) or a Maxicard in an impressive A4 format. Classic postcards are available in a typical 10.7x15 cm size.

    Can I design and send my greeting cards on the go?

    Using the free ifolor app for iOS or Android, you can design your own holiday greetings quite easily with your smartphone, then send them directly to your loved ones. 

    What options are there for adding text to my photo greeting cards?

    While designing your greeting cards, you can add a greeting or “Best Wishes!” in a diverse array of colour or fonts on front or inside your card. There are several templates offering placeholders for text on the front you can design to your heart’s context. Alternatively, add a personal note by writing your message by hand after ordering and receiving your cards.

    If the text you’ve written is too large for the placeholder, you will receive a warning. You will need to change the length of the text or font size to prevent further warnings from popping up. Otherwise, it’s possible that parts of the text will be cut out from the finished product.

    Do the greeting cards come with envelopes?

    Every ifolor greeting card comes with a matching envelope. The exception to this are postcards, as these are classically sent without an envelope.

    Send your special greetings with ifolor photo greeting cards