General Terms and Conditions of Ifolor, Vantaa, Finland

Updated 30.10.2023


For customers in Finland

The ifolor team is pleased that you have decided to entrust us with processing your digital picture files and other photo products.

We process digital pictures in various formats, such as JPEG (please refer to our homepage). Your satisfaction is our top priority. Should you have any questions and ideas, or should something not be quite right, please phone us (09 348 40 200) or send us an e-mail at

1. General Terms and Conditions

Please read through the following Terms and Conditions, as they apply for all your orders placed with us.

By sending in your digital data or by clicking in the box designated "I accept / Accept" (or similarly) in our order software, you are stating that you agree to ifolor’s Terms and Conditions of Business below.

2. Processing of personal data

Ifolor collects and processes your personal data in compliance with the applicable privacy laws. For details regarding our processing your data and the purposes thereof please refer to our Privacy Policy in its current version.

By being informed on these Terms and Conditions of Business, you are also notified on processing of personal data; as well as on the use of cookies and analytics services according to our Cookies Policy and Web Analytics Policy, insofar as you have not exercised your options for decline, as therein described.

Your photographic picture data will be used by us exclusively for the correct processing of your order; will be stored for the creation of your photographs and other photo products; and will be automatically deleted within at most 30 days from the completion of the order.

Privacy Protection:
Ifolor will store customer information in the customer database. Information stored in cus-tomer database can be used in the purpose of maintenance and for managing customer relationship.

Ifolor has the right to use the information stored in the customer database. Ifolor can hand over customer information for marketing purposes within the laws and definitions of the Personal Data Act ("Henkilötietolaki"). You may however deny the use of your personal information by sending a written request to our Customer Service.

Karhumäenkuja 2
01530 Vantaa

Phone: (09) 348 400


3. Product selection and prices

Our selection of products is constantly being adapted in line with technical developments. Our prices and the share of shipping costs we invoice you with may vary from time to time. You can find our current selection of products and the prices we currently charge on our web site at This is subject to special promotional offers and individual agreements.

4. Ordering

As soon as our laboratory receives your films or digital images, the job order is carried out in accordance with your instructions. Orders by electronic communication will be confirmed promptly by e-mail to your registered e-mail address. Please save its content for your documentation.

Please note that digital orders, once received by us, cannot be amended, deleted or combined. Unless you specify otherwise, we will deliver your photos in the formats 10 cm (from digital images) on matt or glossy photo paper. Photos in format 13 cm is processed on glossy paper. As a rule, your photos are processed the same day or the next day. If an order can be divided up and the parts can be used separately, we may supply orders in parts.

In the case of large orders from new customers we reserve the right to an advance payment on the order or to process only part of the original order. If so, we will inform you accordingly, before we start processing the order.

Should you not yet have settled earlier orders, and invoice reminders sent to you, we reserve the right to withhold sending the processed order until full payment has been received. In special cases we reserve the right to refuse orders and do so without any obligation to state the reasons for our decision. Insofar as, while processing your orders, pictured contents appears which in evidence infringes the law, your order will not be processed.

5. Cancellation of order

Cancellation of confirmed placed order is not possible as the contract applies to product manufactured or edited on behalf of customer’s wishes or personal needs. The conditions for limited cancellation right are in accordance with the Finnish Consumer Protection Act 16 § (30.12.2013/1211).

6. Dispatch

We shall send you the photographs, other photographic products and your negatives by post to addresses in Finland.

If you benefit from applicable consumer protection laws, the risk of accidental loss or accidental damage or accidental destruction of the goods supplied shall pass over to you at that point in time at which the goods are delivered to you, or when you are in default with taking receipt of the goods. In all other cases risk shall pass over to you when the goods are handed over to the party transporting the goods.

Delivery fees:
Shipping costs will be added according to weight. For further information on shipping costs and applicable discounts, visit

7. Terms, conditions and methods of payment

For online orders you may pay by the means of payment which are displayed on our homepage or in our order software. These may vary from time to time, or from country to country. Your selection of a means of payment implies Ifolor's authorisation by you to collect payments in correspondence therewith. In the event of return debits, Ifolor shall be entitled to reimbursement of any cost and bank fees related thereto.

Ifolor retains the right to require payment in advance for exceptionally large orders from customers with no previous order history. Payment in advance may also be required on new orders from customers with unpaid invoices. Orders can be payed in advance at time of or-der placement, either by credit card or online banking.

Invoice payment:
Where payment on invoice is offered, an invoice with a pay-in slip will be enclosed with the delivery. Please use the pay-in slip and applicable information on it to make the payment within the payment period indicated on the invoice. We reserve the right to charge reminder fees and to apply other collection charges as provided by applicable law.

For products that are invoiced the term of payment is 14 days. Interest on delayed payments will be charged according to the interest rate law. If the payment is not made before due date, no new orders will be delivered to the customer.

Minors may only place orders with permission from their guardian. Ifolor has the right to check their customers' credit information. Ifolor retains its right to choose its customers and is not liable to justify its decision.

8. Reservation of ownership

All delivered products remain the property of Ifolor until full payment (including shipping costs and VAT if applicable) has been effected.

9. Warranty

Ifolor guarantees that your photo printing and other photo product orders will be carried out professionally and with the utmost care. The developed photos are subject to a stringent quality control. 

The satisfaction guarantee of Ifolor covers product design or manufacturing defects, or damages that occurred during transportation. A notification regarding a faulty product must be made to Ifolor customer service within 14 days of receiving the product. We will create a new equivalent product free of charge. No monetary compensation will be provided for the products.

Ifolor may refuse to provide replacement products if there is an abuse of the satisfaction guarantee, and we are not obligated to state the reason for such refusal.

Ifolor may request the customer to provide necessary information again. Ifolor may decline to provide replacement products if it is impractical or causes disproportionate costs. In such a situation, the customer has the right to legal remedies. Compensation is subject to section 10 of these general terms and conditions.

Please note that the satisfaction guarantee is not valid in the following situations: incorrect order quantity, product of incorrect shape and size in the order, wrong product in the order and/or with incorrect features, special offers from the online store, or if a discount code or coupon has already been used.

10. Liability

The customer is always entitled to a valid product in case of inappropriate product according to the Consumer rights act.

Ifolor is liable in accordance with the law for occurrences of unlawful intent and gross negligence, guaranteed quality features and under the terms of product liability laws, as well as for bodily injury. In any other cases, the following applies:

In the event of a delay in delivery, Ifolor will do its utmost to inform on the delay as soon as possible. If delivery is delayed more than 30 days, the customer has the right to a discount on the amount of 10 % of respective order price. We will try to agree on a new delivery date as well.

We shall not accept liability for damage or loss of your digital pictures sent in to us via internet or via mobile communication. We decline any claims in this respect, such as compensation of material cost, and the costs of taking the photographs or compensation for the value of the lost memory. We recommend that you always back-up your digital data.

11. Software

All software and all other content accessible on ifolor’s homepage or downloaded software made available by Ifolor or labelled with Ifolor’s brand or designation (such as Designer, apps etc.) are protected by copyright law. You are authorised to download to your PC or mobile device (e.g. tablet, smartphone or mobile phone) only the software which you need to place the order, and to use it only for making your order. To this end ifolor and its suppliers grant you a non-exclusive licence for the duration of your business relations with ifolor. All other commercial or non-commercial use is prohibited. Content from the web site not explicitly designated for download may not be downloaded either in part or in full without the express consent of ifolor. We also draw your attention to the fact that various logos, company names, etc., to be found on the web site are protected by the law.

If you wish to place links to the web site on an internet web page or an interactive data carrier, you will have to obtain ifolor’s prior written consent. We would also draw your attention to the fact that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed when images and data are sent via the internet or mobile telephony.

We decline any claim to have the source code of the software disclosed. Reverse engineering or decoding of the software and its source code is prohibited.

12. Third-party rights

As a customer, you are solely responsible for ensuring that you are entitled to the required copyright, trademark, privacy and other rights to the pictures you send in. Should any third parties assert any claims against Ifolor in connection with your order on the grounds of an infringement of such rights, you will be liable to ward off these claims at your expense and to indemnify Ifolor for damages incurred.

13. Applicable Law, Jurisdiction and Severability

This contractual relationship between you and ifolor is subject to Finnish law, with the exclusion of the CISG (UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods).

Unless you are a consumer under the laws of the country of your domicile, the courts in Helsinki shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes related this contractual relationship.
Disputes should always, in first hand, try to be solved in agreeance after discussions with both parties. If an agreeance is not possible, the customer can take the case to the Consumer Disputes Board ( after having brought it to the consumer advisory service (

The EU Commission has set up an Internet platform ("OS Platform") to resolve disputes between companies and consumers online. The OS platform can be found at

Should one or several provisions of these Terms and Conditions or parts of such provision be or become invalid or ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions hereof. The invalid or ineffective shall be replaced by such valid provision which corresponds as far as possible to its intention. This also applies to any loophole in these provisions.