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    Photo Coasters

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    from 21.95 from per-item
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    Product information
    • Square (9.6 x 9.6 cm), 4 mm thick
    • Available as a set of 4 or 8
    • Box included
    • Cork with gloss hard-fibre surface
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    Photo Coasters

    Our handy, personalised cork coasters are not only perfect for preventing ring marks on your table, they also give your table decoration a really personal touch with your favourite photos. We print your coasters in high gloss to bring out the brilliant colours in your photos. With their non-slip cork bases and robust surfaces, your photo coasters are also really long-lasting.

    Price list

    Set of 8
    Photo Coasters, incl. two Storage Boxes
    Trial price
    Set of 4
    Photo Coasters, incl. one Storage Box
    Trial price
    Plus shipping costs from per order; incl. statutory VAT

    About the product:

    Mini Wanddeko - Aufhängung

    High-gloss photo printing in natural coloursWe print your personalised photo coasters using high-quality printing processes. The high-gloss finish really brings out the natural colours of your photos on the cork coasters.

    Mini Wanddeko - Collage

    A different design for each photo coasterMake each photo coaster genuinely unique. You can get creative and produce a different design for each one. Perfect for your own home or as a gift.

    Mini Wanddeko - Fotos im Quadrat

    Scratch-proof surface and non-slip cork baseYour photo coasters have a robust surface to ensure they will stay as good as new for a long time. The surface protects them from scratches and dirt. The non-slip cork underside also provides a sturdy base for drinks.

    As individual as you:

    Mini Wanddeko - Einfach und flexibel

    Personalised coasters for every member of the family

    Design a different coaster for every member of the family You can use pictures of your loved ones or ask them what their favourite pictures are. Favourite animal, hobbies and fantastic memories could all feature on the individual photo coasters for the whole family.

    Mini Wanddeko - Wandelbar und individuell

    To match the decor

    Fresh and colourful or timeless and modern: Personalise your photo coasters to match your interior design. You can bring a pop of colour to the table or create a modern look with black and white photos, immortalise your favourite quotes or even use your own patterns for the design of the coasters.

    Mini Wanddeko - Unterschiedliche Formate

    Perfect for a theme party

    From the outfits to the decorations, it is all about the details when you throw a theme party! You can perfect your party decorations with our photo coasters: Use designs to match the theme of your party, e.g. summer, Halloween, superheroes or the movies.

    Wood origin: Hardwood timber from USA