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    Retro Prints

    Plus shipping costs from per order; incl. statutory VAT
    Plus shipping costs from per order; incl. statutory VAT
    Product information
    • 24 retro style photo prints (10 x 10 cm)
    • Including high-quality designer box
    • Nostalgic look thanks to white margin
    • Your photo on glossy real photo paper
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    Retro Prints

    Retro prints are totally trendy and add a perfect vintage touch to your home. Developed in retro style on real photo paper, your photos are showed off even better. Developed on real photo paper, your photos try to outshine each other!

    Price list

    With Border
    24 square prints in 10 x 10 cm format
    Trial price
    Plus shipping costs from per order; incl. statutory VAT

    Square retro style format

    Your photo in stylish retro print format (10 x 10 cm) reminds you of photos from the past: square and with space for notes, names and the year.

    Exact print format: 10.16 x 10.16 cm


    Labelling retro prints

    You can label your retro prints using a permanent marker. You can therefore leave a message on the photos for the recipient or yourself. Doubling the enjoyment of the photo moment straight away.

    Margin width:
    All-round: 5 mm
    Bottom: 2.5 cm

    Retro_beschriften Kopie

    Quality real photo paper

    Like our digital photos, we also develop your photos on high-quality real photo paper so that your photos shine for life.

    Exact photo format in the centre: 7.2 x 9.2 cm


    Unique designer box

    The 24 retro prints also include a chic designer box that you can write on. Your photos are therefore safely stored and really eye-catching, as a gift too.