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    Personal and versatile

    Personal and versatile

    From their pictures, our customers make personal and unique photo products and order these simply, conveniently, quickly and safely online.

    Active in 15 countries

    Active in 15 countries

    Ifolor is active in fifteen countries: Germany, Finland, Ireland, Austria, Sweden, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Ifolor, a Swiss family company, was founded in 1961 and is the market leader in Switzerland and Finland. The company has two production sites equipped with state of the art technology - one is located at our headquarters in Kreuzlingen on Lake Constance (Switzerland) and the other is in Kerava near Helsinki (Finland).

    Decades of photographic experience!

    Ifin katumainoksia

    The company started in Finland in 1971, as part of Kuva-Sampo, which was the first and largest mail-order service for films and photographs. In 1991 Kuva-Sampo became Ifi.

    Ifolorin rakennus Keravalla, pääovi

    In 1994 Ifi moved from Helsinki to a new, modern production facility in Kerava.

    As digital cameras became more common, manufacturing digital images into photos was commenced in 2006. In the same year Ifi was bought by the Swiss company Photocolor AG.

    ifolor logo

    Since 2007 we have worked together under the ifolor brand. Ifolor launched photo books in Finland and their production was started in Kerava in 2008. Five years later Ifolor reached the milestone of one million photo books manufactured in Finland!

    Certified top quality

    We were the first European photo laboratory to achieve certification. We check every single production step, so that we can offer you the quality that you are used to from us.

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