The story behind Ifolor:

A pioneer in photography for almost a hundred years

Ifolor operates in 15 countries

An international family business

Ifolor is the market leader for photos and various photo products in Finland. Our company took its first steps as Ifolor in 2007, before that we were known as Helios, Kuva-Sampo and Ifi.

The Swiss family business Ifolor operates in 15 European countries. Photo products were long manufactured in Kerava, until the summer of 2023 when production was centralised in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. In Finland, customers are taken care of by customer service, support functions and marketing.

Ifolor's product range

More fun with photos

Ifolor brings photos to life. Real paper photos, photo books, wall decorations, photo mugs and many other photo products create wonderful photo memories. The photos show life's special moments from which we refine high quality and durable products. Thanks to the simple ordering process and the diverse selection, an increasing number of people are enjoying their photos more.

Old photo bags
Do you still remember Ifi's photo bags?

The success story of Finnish photography

The history of Ifolor in Finland dates back to 1926, when Eino and Aini Partanen founded the Valokuvatarpeisto Helios Photographic Magazine photo studio and later the Kuva-Sampo photo developing company. 

In the 1970s, mail order sales fuelled even wilder photography. The film rolls were sent in photo bags to be developed and the developed images were delivered to your home. Ifi was founded as Kuva-Sampo's mail order department and the ingenious final touch was to distribute photo bags between weekly newspapers.

Kymppikuva is a Finnish invention
Kymppikuva (10-cm photos) is still the most popular image size.

Best-selling kymppikuva and a stamp of your own photo

Partanen's daughter Pirkko Silvennoinen made history by developing the Kymppikuva in 1976. The new 10 cm x 15 cm image format was welcomed with open arms around the world. Tens of millions of copies of the successful product are still ordered every year.

Digital photos and smartphone cameras revolutionised the photo industry in the early 2000s. New ways of using photos were still being developed. We received a lot of international attention in 2003 for Posti's project where individuals and companies made stamps from their own photos.

In 2006, the Swiss family business Photocolor AG bought Ifi. The following year we changed our name to Ifolor.

Canvas on the wall above the bed

Decorative wall plates and photo books showcase the power of images

An interior design wall deco of a life milestone, a holiday memory or a pet is the heart of many homes. It all started in 2008 with a canvas in canvas fabric and today the range of interior wall decos includes metal and acrylic glass boards.

The beloved photo book was launched in 2008 and its popularity continues to grow. Your individual story comes to life on the pages of a personal photo book. Every year at ifolor we fill thousands of photo book pages with important, memorable moments.

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