HD Metal Print

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from 42.95 from per-item
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from 42.95 from per-item
from 42.95 from per-item
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Product information
  • Size: from 20x30 to 75x100 cm
  • 1.1 mm ChromaLuxe metal plate
  • Impressive high-definition effect
  • Floating effect thanks to aluminium rails
  • High-resolution sublimation process
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HD Metal Print

Discover your most beautiful pictures in “High Definition” with the new HD metal print. An ultra-thin, specially coated metal sheet is printed on using a high resolution sublimation process. The result is bright colours that guarantee an impressive first-class effect. The wall bracket is pre-assembled and creates a gap between your wall and the HD metal print that is not visible from the front. As a result, your photo seems to be floating on the wall. It looks unique and is amazing – see for yourself!

Price list

40x60 cm, landscape
Trial price
Plus shipping costs from per order; incl. statutory VAT
Premium print and sturdy surface

Premium print and sturdy surface

Your photo is printed in high resolution on an ultra-thin metal sheet (1.1 mm aluminium). The high-quality printing process and special surface allow for detailed accuracy, bright colours and exceptional brilliance. The HD Metal Print is therefore also extremely suitable for motifs with intense colours and lots of contrasts.

Your motif is burnt into the aluminium’s special coating using a special heat process. The result is an extremely sturdy surface that is resistant to the sun, dirt and moisture.

Shadow effect and hanger

Shadow effect and hanger

Aluminium rails attached to the back all the way round provide a gap between the HD Metal Print and wall. The metal sheet therefore cases a shadow on the wall making it look as if your photo is literally floating.

The attached aluminium rails on the back of the HD Metal Print allow for it to be hung up easily and safely. Two additional hangers are supplied free of charge for even more flexibility.

Here you will find an overview of the different sizes:

Format 1:1
Format 1:3 / 2:5
1:3 / 2:5
Format 2:1
Format 2:3
Format 3:4