Photo books Photo books

Photo books Photo books

The best way to store your memories. Download now! The best way to store your memories. Download now!

Photo books

Whether a wedding, a birthday or family holidays: The photo books by ifolor help you to preserve your most precious moments. Bring your ideas to life!


Photo book Deluxe

Photo book Deluxe

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  • A3, A4, A5, 21x21 cm, and 28x28 cm
  • 170 g/m² digital printing paper
  • Hardcover with adhesive binding
  • Choose from 26 to 180 pages

With the photo book Deluxe you impressively preserve your most precious moments, i.e. the memory of an anniversary. Different design templates and different format: from A5 to A3 - there is no limit where your creativity can take you!

Photo book Spiral

Photo book Spiral

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  • A4, A5, A6
  • 170g/m² silk-matt digital photo paper
  • Robust spiral binding
  • Choose from 24 to 84 pages

With the useful Photo book Spiral you keep your most precious moments looking good. Ideal: Thanks to the spiral binding, the opened pages always lie flat, ideal for presenting your selected panorama photos on a double page spread. Let yourself be inspired by our various design templates and create your personal photo book online now!

Photo book Premium, photo paper

Photo book Premium, photo paper

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  • A3 landscape, A4, A5 landscape, 28x28 cm
  • 340g/m² genuine premium photo paper
  • Hardcover with flat inner pages
  • 26 to 120 pages (A3 max. 96)
  • Printed on FUJIFILM album photo paper

Real photo paper, the inner pages and the cover can be matt or glossy as preferred and the photo book pages always open flat thanks to the special binding: discover the photo book Premium Photo Paper and an incomparable way to keep your favourite memories!



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  • Format: 13x13 cm
  • 400 g/m² premium photo paper, matt
  • Softcover with flat inner pages
  • 20 to 100 pages
  • Printed on FUJIFILM album photo paper

Create a small booklet with your memorable moments and memories in just a few clicks. The pocket-sized 13x13cm mini photo book is easy to create. Upload your photos and they will automatically be placed onto the booklet pages. You can create up to 100 pages in no time. Thanks to the flat booklet pages and premium photo paper, your photos will be high-contrast and full-size. The booklet is perfect to give as a gift or to keep for yourself.

Photo book Soft

Photo book Soft

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  • A4 portrait
  • 170g/m² silk-matt photo paper
  • Softcover with adhesive binding
  • Choose from 26 to 132 pages
The versatile Photo book Soft is a great choice for a stunning and casual photo book. The versatile cover makes the Photo book Soft a handy and robust companion. It's your creativity: Choose from various design layouts to create your individual photo book online now!

Easily design photo books with your ifolor software:

Create photo books now – download ifolor Designer to your computer Create photo books now – download ifolor Designer to your computer

Create photo books now – download ifolor Designer to your computer Download ifolor app for your smartphone

• Lots of designs and templates
• Save photo projects for later
• Design also other photo products
Create photo books and other photo products wherever you are

The most popular ifolor photo books

Small, large, square, glossy or matt - when it comes to choosing your photo book, you're usually faced with a whole bunch of options before you even design the first page. Which product is the right photo book for you doesn't have to be a difficult decision. Simplify your decision and rely on the choice and satisfaction of our customers.

Among the many ifolor photo books, the Photo Book Deluxe and Photo Book Premium Photo Paper are the most popular products for immortalising memories and making them shine in all their glory.

While the Photo Book Deluxe inspires and enchants with its traditional book style, the flat lying pages of the Photo Book Premium Photo Paper offer you the possibility to place photos over two book pages without losing even a little bit of the picture in the fold of the book.

Your stories told through your photos in a Photo Book Deluxe

Books tell us stories, tell us about fairy tales and events. Turning the pages of a book to follow these stories is an experience. Each page tells more of the story, complements it. Tell your own story! Let your photos speak volumes with your personal Photo Book Deluxe from ifolor.

This product has the same feel as a professionally bound book thanks to the hardcover binding, but its content is guaranteed to outperform any bestseller. Your photos tell of your adventures, your experiences with friends and family, or even special events in your life. On 26 to 180 pages you have many possibilities to personalise your photo book and make it your personal masterpiece. You also have a wide range of formats to choose from: From 21x21 cm to A3, we offer you numerous options for designing your photo book with ifolor.

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The superlative among photo books: Design your Photo Book Premium Photo Paper

If good is simply not good enough, then the Photo Book Premium Photo Paper is the ideal upgrade. This photo book is the ultimate platform for your photos to tell stories of unique events like your wedding, anniversaries, or the first photos of your baby or to immortalise holidays and everyday wonders. A special feature and decisive for the popularity of the Photo Book Premium Photo Paper are the flat lying pages, which let you place photos over two pages without losing parts of the picture in the book fold.

You can choose from A4, A3 landscape, and 28x28 cm versions and you can place your stories on 26 to 120 pages. For passionate photographers, the Photo Book Premium Photo Paper offers space for up to 960 photos.

This product can also be used as a special gift and ifolor has the matching gift box to save you the work of wrapping.

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FAQ: Photo Books

Can I order a photo book as a gift?

When ordering either the Photo Book Deluxe or Photo Book Premium, you can add an optional, high-quality gift box to your order. In black or white, this elegant box transforms your photo book into the perfect gift for your loved ones. With the booklet you can also optionally order a pretty gift box in the matching pocket format.

How long will it take to receive my photo book?

Production times vary by product. Spiral bound photo books are the fastest photo books to manufacture. See manufacturing times for different products here.

Which photo book is best suited for certain occasions?

For particularly significant memories or a rare gift, we recommend, for example, the Photo Book Deluxe or Photo Book Premium. The elegant hardcover and high-quality paper —great for crisp images— display your favourite memories in all their glory. Both books leave you with plenty of room for showing off your photos. The Photo Book Premium boasts real photo paper and a special binding that allows your book to lie flat, perfect for panorama photos printed over both pages.

To bring a tiny bit of joy to someone’s day, design an ifolor Gift Booklet with real photo paper. Pocket-sized and containing up to 100 pages, it comes with a handy little box for gifting.

The Photo Book Spiral, on the other hand, comes with a robust spiral binding. The pictures lie flat when the book is opened, permitting one to easily page through it, and making it particularly suitable for the tiny hands of children. Additionally, it’s great for creative ideas like a self-made colouring book, a songbook , or a favourite recipe collection.

With a light softcover binding, the Photo Book Soft is also an ideal companion with which to return to your favourite memories. With it’s soft binding, it evokes the feeling of a magazine or catalogue.

What happens to empty pages in the photo book?

Before you finish designing your book, you will be informed by the app of unused placeholders and empty pages. If you’d like to deliberately leave empty pages and placeholders in order to manually add to them later, no problem. As you can see in Preview Mode, empty placeholders aren’t visible in the printed copy of your book. Empty pages will appear in white or with the background you chose when designing. This enables you to fill your book with memorabilia like theatre tickets or similar such things.

Can multiple people work on the same photo book?

Technically, a photo book cannot be edited by multiple users at the same time. 

If you want to allow someone else to add pictures or make other changes to a photo book, you can design and save the photo book file to an external storage device, like a hard drive or USB stick, and move it to another computer. However, it is important to note that the operating system of both computers must be the same—i.e., the file cannot be exchanged between Mac and Windows, only from Mac to Mac und vice versa.

Can I reorder a photo book that has already been created?

Once your photo book is ready to send and on the way, you will receive an email with an order confirmation. This email will also contain a reordering link, which you can use any time within 30 days. However, you cannot make any new alternations to your photo book.

Once you’ve designed your photo book with the free ifolor Designer app, this will be saved through the programme to your computer with offline access. This allows you to open the photo book through Designer at any time, make alterations, add it to your checkout basket, and order it again.

Keep memories alive with ifolor photo books

Photo books let us put together the most beautiful memories and relive them like a novel, page after page filled with your photos. Your pleasure in these valuable memories is guaranteed by ifolor's high-quality production and the multitude of options as well as numerous design aids and templates.

Here you can design small gift ideas in the form of Gift Booklets as well as practical photo books such as the Photo Book Spiral or the Photo Book Soft.

For that extra something and a special impression, there are the Photo Book Deluxe and the Photo Book Premium Photo Paper. These products impress thanks to the high-quality processing of your photos and also of the books themselves in binding and materials. Whether you want to honour your wedding, celebrate the birth of your baby, or give your partner a special treat on Valentine's Day - at ifolor you will find the right photo book for every occasion.