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With a photo mug by ifolor you can enjoy your cup of coffee even more. Individualy designed by you: the most beautiful holiday pictures, landscape photos or portraits. For right- or left-handers and also in panorama format.

Would you like to present your photo in an especially eye-catching way? Then the photo display is the right choice. The frameless picture is a real attention-grabber which one wants to touch. Try it out! With the photo display you can add some impressive accents to any room.

With your personal photo puzzle by ifolor your photos bring even more joy! With 50, 196, 500, 1000 or 1500 pieces. The original photo as a master is included. As well as an attractive gift box. The photo puzzle by ifolor - a creative gift idea for young and old.

Design your own individual photo T-Shirt for stag parties and team shirts.

Design your own individual photo T-Shirt for hen parties, baby showers.

A one-of-a-kind cool and fashionable T-Shirt great for kids’ birthday parties.

Personalise your keys and give your bags, backpacks, or suitcase a personal touch with the portrait heart-shaped ifolor photo key chain. The high-quality synthetic leather and the smooth front makes the keyring very durable. Personalise your own photo key chain or create personalised key chains for your loved ones.

You can design your own photo magnets with ifolor, which you can personalise with photos. They are perfect and decorative for attaching notes to on a magnetic board or as a photo fridge magnet. The 6x6 cm square magnets show your pictures in rich colours thanks to the glossy surface and great photo quality. When ordering your photo magnets, they will come as a set of 12 and you can design each magnet individually. We will deliver your photo magnets, which also includes a box where you can store your photos.

Protection and an upgrade at the same time: create your own personalised smartphone case online and turn your smartphone into a real head-turner. Matt or gloss finishes, printed all over, a wide range of design templates and your favourite pictures: create your Smartphone Case now online!

The photo stickers in round or rectangular are designed to be very personal and varied and are really eye-catching on gifts, in friendship books or on everyday objects. The photo stickers can also be creatively used in the kitchen, for children’s birthdays or in the office. Design your in round or rectangular photo stickers to suit any occasion and mark or decorate your objects however you fancy.

Choose 24 of your favourite photos and print them in pairs- perfect for both young and old alike. We print them in pairs as small, square cards in 6x6 cm format. Thanks to the sturdy card material, the personalised photo card game is ideal for children. The compact memo game comes in a handy box and is perfect for playing at home and on the go.

Personalise this Photo Tin with your photos and this will become your new favourite for you or your loved ones. Safely store cookies, souvenirs, photos, or other items with this robust and rustproof metal box. Plus, you will be a little more sustainable by dispensing with a plastic alternative.

An individual accessory at your workplace - a mouse pad by ifolor. Whether a photo or a calendar or even both. Design your personal mouse pad online now. Working with a mouse has never been so enjoyable!

Our wall clock has a diameter of 29 cm, which gives you enough space to design your photo wall clock just the way you like it. You can either use one big photo for your personalised wall clock or you can create a collage with the help of our templates.

A magic photo cup is the perfect gift to surprise your loved ones. The mug seems quite unassuming at first but when you pour hot water in, the magic mug reveals its true colours as your photo(s) magically appears. Use your favourite photo, a collection of your favourites, or just a fun message or quote and make your friends or family smile each time they enjoy a coffee. Note: The magical assets of the photo mug does not take well to UV radiation, protect it from direct sunlight and store it in the cupboard.

The stand-up picture frame and a real eye-catcher on your desk: your photo as an elegant acrylic glass block. The crystal clear acrylic glass looks attractively delicate and yet it stands really solidly on the table or shelf thanks to its 18 mm thickness. A magnetic metal sheet fixes your photo and makes swapping the photos child’s play: simply pull the metal sheet off the back, change the photo, replace the metal sheet on the magnet – done. Order your acrylic photo block stand-up picture frame now online!

Design your own individual towel in 3 different sizes for your next swimming trip, sports lesson, or simply as a special towel for home. With the right design, you can have a photo bath towel printed as a special gift. The fully printable front allows for endless design possibilities for your personalised towel.

Create your very own cuddly blanket with your favourite photos. We print your image from edge to edge on the Photo Blanket. The dynamic picture arrangement in the design editor allows you to create a collage of several pictures for a unique photo blanket. 

Preserve your favourite images in a unique way: either to display on the sofa or to cuddle up in bed, the Photo Pillow from ifolor creates a special way to keep your memories alive. You can choose from a range of sizes and designs for your personalised pillow with photos. For example, print on both sides, create a collage or add texts.

Our handy, personalised cork coasters are not only perfect for preventing ring marks on your table, they also give your table decoration a really personal touch with your favourite photos. We print your coasters in high gloss to bring out the brilliant colours in your photos. With their non-slip cork bases and robust surfaces, your photo coasters are also really long-lasting.

Your practical water bottle for hikes, on the go or at the office – this high-quality, incredibly lightweight water bottle makes sure that you’ll never be thirsty again! It’s leakproof, even with carbonated beverages. Sigg guarantees that this bottle is manufactured without using any harmful plasticisers (BPA).

Bring a special photo back to life whether it’s from the beach vacations, the winter trip, or a romantic couple. Similar to the snow globe, the ifolor Shake Photo Frame is filled with a transparent liquid and optional sand, sparkling hearts, or snowflakes. As the name suggests, by shaking it you can stir up the sand, make the hearts fly or make the snowflakes trickle.

With this tote bag you can carry your favourite photo moment with you, transport your groceries and at the same time protect the environment by avoiding disposable bags. The bag is not only suitable for shopping, but also for travelling. It makes a useful gift idea for your loved ones. Simply print with a beautiful picture such as a great panorama, a photo with a quote or just your favourite photo and your personalised photo tote bag is ready.

Choose from two sizes and design your own personalised photo gym bag as a cool and practical companion on the go. Whether you print it with your favourite photo, a quote or a personal illustration: there are no limits to your design. In the gym bag with black cords, you can not only store the necessary tools for every trip, but also always have a fashionable accessory at your side.

With the ifolor large and stylish 70x50x20 cm Photo Beach Bag you can capture your most precious photo moments on both sides of the bag. The Photo Beach Bag is available in various layouts. You can choose to add text and have your picture printed all over the bag or with a white frame to make it truly unique. Snacks, drinks, swimming or sports gear, a towel or picnic blanket: with a capacity of around 34 litres, you have plenty of room for everything you need for an adventurous day.

Personalise your ceramic bowl with your favourite photos. The photo bowl is microwave safe and versatile. You can print it with matching designs, e.g. as a cereal bowl, for small snacks, as a personalised key bowl, or even as a food bowl for your pet.

Add a personal touch to your dining table and always have your favourite photos in front of you with an ifolor photo table set. Print your landscape picture over the entire surface of your photo placemat or create a collage of your favourite memories.

Your most precious moments, your most beautiful photos. Present 25 pictures with the photo flip. For the viewer a welcome change in daily work routine. Set accents on your desk!

From now on you can easily make your special someone smile – at any time and anywhere from your smartphone. With the ifolor booklet in pocket-size format 13 x 13 cm your special someone receives your most wonderful shared memories sent directly to their home in a gift box.

Are you looking for a practical and personal gift? And do you also need to have it very quickly? One very good idea is the gift voucher PDF from ifolor. The gift voucher is available in different amounts, is valid for a long time and when you pay with card or online bank payment, it's sent to you by e-mail latest on the next working day. Order your gift voucher now online!

Are you looking for a practical and personal gift? One very good idea is the new gift voucher from ifolor. This gift voucher is suitable for every occasion, is a lot of fun and can be individually given. It is available for different amounts and applies for the whole ifolor range. Order your gift voucher now online!

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FAQ Photo Gifts

Can photo gifts be designed with multiple photos on them?

Whether there is room for more than one photo on your photo gift depends on which product and design you have chosen. Most photo gifts are suited for collages. Photo mugs, photo displays, smartphone cases, photo puzzles, or mouse pads all offer design templates with multiple photo placeholders. You design your unique gift with a corresponding number of images. Photo flips offer space for up to 25 full-page photos. Photo stickers allow for 12 or 16 of the same or different picture stickers per sheet.

What are the best ifolor photo gifts for certain occasions?

Thanks to the countless possibilities for designing with text and pictures, our photo gifts are adaptable for any occasion. Our online Designer leads you step by step through all the options for creating your product. With each product you choose first size and format. Afterwards you can select from an enormous selection of designs for a wide variety of occasions and topics. 

Are there multiple layouts for photo gifts?

You can avail yourself of countless templates for holidays like Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day. Or choose a design around topics like Love, Fun, Birthday, or Animals. Every photo gift also has neutral design templates on offer.

Furthermore, you can decide whether to design your gift with one photo, or a collage of multiple photos. Whether simple or colourful, most templates allow you to add text to your gift.

Can photo gifts be sent directly to the recipient?

When ordering, you can enter differing billing and delivery addresses, so the recipient receives their gift quickly and directly. In the package will be a delivery notice without the price of the gift. The receipt will be sent separately by post to the billing address.