Cookie Policy

Ifolor Oy, Kerava (Finland)

Cookies are small data files that are placed on your device’s web browser when you visit a website. Similarly, Flash Local Shared Objects (LSOs) are small files that are placed on your device, and they perform functions similar to cookies. Cookies and LSOs support the functions associated with our services by storing information that you enter on our website during your browser session or when going through our check-out process. They are also used to store certain user settings you have defined. In addition, they help us to analyse how our services are used, allowing us to design them to be as practical an efficient to use as possible.

We use both session-specific and permanent cookies. Cookies from our partners and affiliates are also used on the website.

Session-specific cookies are valid only for the duration of your visit to the Ifolor website, which means that they will be automatically removed when you close your browser.

Permanent cookies will persist on your computer until you clear them or they expire. They store anonymous data about users who repeatedly visit one of our websites. This helps us to optimise our user support as well as to identify users, distinguish them from each other, store their personal settings, streamline the user experience of our website and to provide personalised pages and content for our users. Permanent cookies are also used anonymously for web analytics purposes. They are not designed to actually identify users.

Cookies from our partners and affiliates are used, for instance, when you access our services through a platform provided by one of our partners (for example, when you click one of our ads). These cookies allow us to keep statistics concerning our partners and affiliates. They do not contain any of your personal data and are removed from your device when you register on our online UI or once they expire.

Most web browsers have settings to block cookies, to limit their use or to prompt you to accept or reject cookies. For further instructions, please refer to the Help section of your web browser. Please note, that cookies are absolutely essential for using our website and required for certain functions to work properly. If you disable cookies, you may not be able to complete your check-out. Moreover, some of the content on our website may not be displayed and we may be unable to provide you with full user support. Additionally, we would like to note that if you access one of our user interfaces through other means than a web browser (for example, by using a mobile device), you may not be able to disable cookies.

We use the following session-specific and permanent cookies:

Cookie name Type Purpose Expiry
Ifc Order Session This cookie allows to recognise the client during the order process. The cookie is session-specific, which means that it will be removed the moment you close your web browser.
UploadStateMachineState LastUsedUploadTypeState LastUsedComfortUploadType
Upload Status This cookie is used to store the status data and the results of our upload method test. The test is performed automatically when you visit the Ifolor upload page. The purpose of the cookie is to ensure that this time-intensive test is completed only once, not every time you visit our website.
These cookies have a limited duration of 20 days.
CookieEnabled Session This cookie verifies if the user has enabled the placement of cookies.
The cookie is a session cookie and is deleted when the browser is closed.
WT_FPC Online tracking cookie by  WebTrends This cookie is used to collect information about how the Ifolor website is used. We can utilise this information to improve our online services. The data collected using this cookie is anonymous, and includes the number of visitors to the Ifolor website and the number of pages visited.
This cookie has a limited duration of 2 years.
  Online tracking cookie by Webtrekk This cookie is used to collect information about how the Ifolor website is used. We can utilise this information to improve our online services. The data collected using this cookie is anonymous, and includes the number of visitors to the Ifolor website and the number of pages visited. When using Webtrekk, the following cookies are set, which have a lifetime as follows:
- Session cookie (for session recognition, lifetime: one session, i.e. until the browser is closed)
- Long-term cookies (for pseudonymised recognition of returning visitors: 12 months)
-Opt-out cookie (in case of opposition to tracking: 12 months)

Third-party cookies and tracking integrations

Adform Tracking

The tracking script of Adform is integrated on this website. Adform's tracking script measures and analyzes anonymous user interactions on the website. These user interactions include sessions, visit durations, clicks, hovers, scroll depths, element visibilities and other engagements. With the integration, the interest of optimizing the website and media in advertising campaigns is fulfilled. Adform stores all interaction data anonymously. This means that Adform cannot assign the collected data to a specific person. Read more.


We use Facebook pixels on our site to connect the browser and Facebook server when you visit our website. In this case, Facebook will receive information about customer behaviour on the Ifolor website when the browser permits. Facebook can combine this information with a customer's Facebook account to enable targeted ad visibility on Facebook and Instagram. For more information about Facebook's data protection policy, please visit here.

Legality of processing: EU GDPR Article 6 (1).

Google Tag Manager

The Google Tag Manager tool is used to manage the cookies used on the Ifolor website. This tool is used to deploy online tags, but it does not collect data that can be used to identify individuals.

AB Tasty

To continually improve our online offerings, we regularly carry out A/B and multivariate tests on our website. Our tests collect information on visitor hits that are recorded anonymously and evaluated for statistical purposes. To allow us to show you content you are interested in, a personal model is created. This model is encrypted and cannot be traced back to you as a person at any time. To do this we use, within the framework of processing an order, the technology of AB Tasty GmbH, Lebacher Str. 4, 66113 Saarbrücken, Germany.

To do this, information is collected, evaluated and transmitted by your browser each time you visit. It is collected via a Java script and cookies. The following information is collected anonymously and processed for statistical purposes:

  • Browser used 
  • Number of pages viewed 
  • Number of visits 
  • Sequence of visit 
  • Duration of visit 
  • Interactive actions such as filling/emptying a basket 
  • Recording use of individual websites (except e.g. in the checkout and registration process) 
  • etc.

AB Tasty uses your IP address to carry out geolocation (regional details of your location). Following the geolocation, which is done directly when you visit the site, your IP address is immediately deleted.

When you use AB Tasty the following cookies, with stated lifespans, are set:

  • Session cookie (for session recognition, service life: one session, i.e. until the browser is closed)
  • Persistent cookies (to anonymously recognise returning visitors: 13 months) 
  • Opt-out cookie (if you object to tracking: 12 months)

If you do not agree to the measuring of your usage during your visit being stored and evaluated, you can object to it by clicking on the following link: Click here to disable AB Tasty for this domain. This stores a so-called opt-out cookie in your browser. This is used to prevent the service from setting any cookies to measure usage and from collecting any session data. Please note: If you delete your cookies, the opt-out cookie is also deleted, and you may need to re-activate it.

You can access AB Tasty’s current Privacy Policy at