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    New: The ifolor Acrylic Photo Block

    A strong display: the high-quality acrylic picture frame for your favourite photo

    Stylistically display your photo with the acrylic glass photo block from ifolor and make your best memory an absolute highlight. Now every time you order digital photos from ifolor, you'll have the option to add to your order a high-quality acrylic glass picture frame to use yourself or give to your loved ones.

    The Frame Is Available in the Following Formats

    The acrylic photo block from ifolor is available in the formats 10 x 15 cm, 11 x 17 cm, 13 x 19 cm, and 20 x 30 cm. There's a suitable size for every photo format. The formats are compatible with both landscape and portrait photos.

    10x15 cm, 11x17 cm, 13x19 cm, 20x30 cm

    Stylisch und praktisch zugleich

    Both Stylish and Practical

    High-quality and robust material - acrylic glass is well-known for its robustness, is stable to display in both landscape and portrait format even without support thanks to its thickness of 18 mm, and can really make your favourite photo shine.

    Lieblingsfoto im Handumdrehen wechseln

    Change Out Your Favourite Photo in the Blink of an Eye

    Simply place your selected photo in between the acrylic glass pane and the magnetic stainless steel back. The four magnets hold both sides of the acrylic photo block securely together and prevent the photo from slipping around or falling out of the high-quality display.

    How to Order Yours with Ease

    Ordering your own acrylic photo block online is possible through the ifolor website, with the ifolor Designer for Mac, or with the Photo Service App for iOS.


    Now with every order of digital photo prints on premium photo paper you have the option to order your own acrylic photo block. Simply add the acrylic photo block to your order by checking the appropriate box in your cart.