Create a photo calendar

Using ifolor Designer for Mac, by app or online

Photo calendars are popular gifts, as you have your most wonderful photos and important dates right in front of your eyes all year round. Designing them is really easy, photo calendars can either be created online, using ifolor Designer for Mac or by app for iPhone/iPad. Find out more here!

Create photo calendars online

It’s this easy to create your photo calendar online: you select a design template, upload a few photos and the assistant does the rest for you. Give it a try!

ifolor Designer for Mac

You can really easily create selected photo calendars using ifolor Designer for Mac. This is extremely practical as you can also design a calendar to go with your photo book at the same time.

Create photo calendars by app

Do you want to create a photo calendar and order it straight away while you’re out and about? It’s really easy with the Photo Service app for iPhone and iPad!