NEW: the Floater Frame for that certain something.


To upgrade your photo canvas

Your photo canvas looks even more impressive on the wall with the new floater frame. Order the floater frame really easily with your photo canvas. You can find out how to do this below.

What is a “shadow tray”?
The distance between the photo canvas and frame, that certain something that gives your photo canvas even more weight and space on the wall, is called a shadow tray. The principle is so simple, the effect all the more impressive. See for yourself!


How to order your floater frame:

At the end of your order, you can simply select the floater frame in addition to your photo canvas. Simply check the box for this. The right frame size is already set for your photo canvas.


Product highlights

  • High-quality real wood floater frame
  • Available in black or white
  • Modern look
  • Special hanging system

Price: from 29,00 €